Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yellowstone Lake Location Under Snow

I hiked up Elephant Back Mountain with a new friend. She's the fiance of the chef and will be living here at Lake with us. I really like her. She and I enjoyed the 1400 foot climb. The closer we got to the top, the deeper the snow. I busted trail, leading the way. She'd never been up there before.
I wore my new trail boots. Loved them. Even though the snow was over a foot deep, My feet stayed warm and dry. They are Merrells. Up on Elephant back we do get cell reception. Its a long way to hike to see if you have a call or text.
I learned about the Google gmail application for talking free in the USA. I tried it tonight. Perfect reception. My laptop allowed me to talk and hear without any extra mics or ear buds. Ultra cool.

While hiking on location, I came around behind Lodge. In the meadow were 35 bison of all sizes. I gave them a wide birth as I made my way to the Lake. So far it hasn't frozen.
While hiking I came across an interesting idea for a snow bound survival video. Stay tuned for that clip.

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