Thursday, November 22, 2012

Horror Unfolding

Happy Thanksgiving you all.

I'm up here at Man Camp, saw we got 4 inches of new powder last night. I plan to go skiing this morning, then get back to my warm room and continue writing.

The chef and his fiancee are manning the shop. We only have a few guys on location. Some are bringing their wives up for a traditional dinner of turkey and pumpkin pie.

Somehow, I've become engrossed in a new horror story and as some authors will tell you, this one is writing itself. I write after work, on my days off, taking a break to hike in snow. A thousand words seem to pour out of no where.

This fictional thriller started out being a journal of my experiences here. But, then it took an evil twist and a young female cook became the "heroine" instead. I use the term loosely. You will disagree if you read this novel. She will make you rethink seasonal workers appearing out of the blue.

The Yellow Hotel, in fact, the entire location, is reputedly haunted. Both employees and guests have reported strange bumps in the night. I think the spirits have taken over my key board. We have murder, rape, violence and dark humor going on. The caretaker is messing with the crews and they can't even pay him back; the dude doesn't know he died 7 years ago.

Primal Cut will be available soon, if the ghosts co operate, and I'll let you know via a post here. Kindle at has a program for lending out digital books through it's library and we may give that a shot and see how it goes.

Until then, Happy Holidays. Stay warm, don't spend anything I wouldn't.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck with the new novel it sounds like fun. I like the cover with the snow and lake in the background. Ghost stories have always been a favorite of mine. Our local hospital provided us with a wonderful Thanksgiving feast for our fire station and we are thankful. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and you have a great hike to celebrate!