Sunday, October 21, 2012

Surviving Yet Another Deep Cleaning

I'm here at my daughter's, minimizing yet again, preparing to go back to Yellowstone for the winter. Three years back, a fellow seasonal worker was watching me squeeze stuff into my little blue Geo. He paused from his packing into a large pickup and trailer, looked over and said, "You need a bigger car." I replied, "I need less junk!"

Friday the remaining survivors of the Mammoth F and B deep cleaned the Employee Dining Room hot line, grill, fryer and cold service area, and the dish pit. The day before I'd prepped 25 7 inch pizzas for today, and taken apart the walk-in, with the help of the Prep Cook Lead and deep cleaned it.
Now, today, while seriously good music coming from the Manager's laptop, speakers turned up on auxiliary speakers included, I chose to do the reach in up front, the flat top, overhead grills, working next to the Lead doing the deep fryer. At one point she looked at me, asked, How did we get roped into the dirty part? I replied, cause we can really hear the music!

Some people time their work agreements so they miss the final deep cleaning. After all, its messy, lots of grease and chemicals coming into play, getting down on hands and knees, dragging out those rare two month old biscuits that somehow eluded us all season underneath the kitchen "furniture."

I call all that equipment furniture. Has a nice ring to it.

Anyways, after surviving, enjoying even, another deep clean, forming life lasting bonds with co-workers also into the final days, I look forward...groan, actually my own STUFF is much harder to cope deep cleaning my baby, the GEO.

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