Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yellowstone Weather Outlook

I discovered this page while surfing for real up to date weather reports on Lake Yellowstone. I was stunned how cold it is already. You can see nothing is going to melt anytime soon. Its only October. I can't wait to get there.

Right now I'm visiting family, taking care of business, spending time with my friends.

So, car is prepared. I bought some Stay-bil so I can park it for awhile, not worry about the gas going bad.

Stay warm is going to be a really trite phrase in a little while. I'll be writing a lot on my time off. Right now I'm working hard on Book Three of the River Survival Series, called, When Hell Comes Knocking. I hope to have it completely finished by the end of Novemeber.

The first two books are available at and Barnes and Nobel. They deal with a couple living up in the mountains in N. E. Georgia. Suddenly the grid goes down, but they don't know it for a week because of how remote they are. Once they head to town, a week later, they find out the truth. Suddenly, everything changes when folks start taking sides, Contributors, Outliers, and the worst possible position, a Transient. I write about murder, revenge, and the decsent into cannibalism, on both sides of the law.


Then, of course, I'll keep a journal on my experiences up at the Man Camp. There's no telling what fun and adventure awaits. My son-in-law says I need a GPS. Could get lost on a skiing adventure, maybe a white out. Humm, I could! I get lost coming out of Walmart, looking for my car.

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