Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pre-Packing and Minimalism

I'm getting it all together, my purchases from Cabella, my free box finds and my personal gear. I've got six months of toothpaste, laundry soap and shampoo, etc. Use your imagination. What would a gal need for six months up in Yellowstone, snowed in?

I probably will be able to catch a ride up to Snow lodge by snowmobile, enjoy the Winter Olympics there with friends also wintering in Yellowstone.
This is a life time dream, winter in Yellowstone.
The bucket list must be respected, before it's too late.

At breakfast I heard a young girl telling her traveling companions she dreamt they died on the bus. They immediately started berating her for negativity. I kept reading my book, The Fear Index, by Robert Harris. It deals with market manipulation and the fear driven profits. Its a novel, I'm on page 100. Published in 2012, it tells of an ultra-rich genius being attacked by an intruder in his own fortified home, bringing on a "waking nightmare of violence and paranoia".

View of the Lake Complex from Elephant Back Mountain, cell service is available from the bench up there.
I will keep a journal while working up at Lake Yellowstone this winter. Some claim vehemently that the historic hotel is haunted. My journal begins, "I can't say I wasn't warned...."

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