Friday, September 14, 2012

As The Season Turns- Yellowstone National Park

I have just over two weeks left at Lake Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. Then I'll be transferring back to Mammoth Hot Springs. I love both places, the hiking is incredible. Right now, people are checking out of their rooms, heading home or some other adventure. What a season it's been, so memorable.

This is a photo of the Lake Lodge building. My Employee Dining Room is in this building.

On a hike through the meadow facing Lake Yellowstone, I came upon a great evening view of Fishing Bridge. Hiking the back mile there is a wonderful way to unwind, see wild life, get some serious fresh air.

The path is narrow, sage brush abounds. The flavor of the sage is potent, but not toxic. Bison sign is everywhere, watch your step!

The water on the Lake is choppy, the season is winding down, it could snow any day now.

View out my window facing the woods. I have seen many bison back here, a doe with her fawns. Some say a griz likes to wander through this area. So far, I haven't seen him.

My ultra light backpacking gear. For a report of Wednesday's hike to Shoshone lake, see my other blog,


  1. Sorry you could not snag a campsite. I guess they do not allow camping in nondesignated areas to protect the fragil eco system and keep humans from trashing everything! Anything with bears, bison, and wolves running around is bound to be a very rugged area. LOL! I am considering a garcia bear container for when I go to the Smokies, North Georgia, and the Alabama Pinhote. There is also a clear plastic one on the market by another company that might be easier to see stuff but I don't know if it is as good. In a standard golite back would it be better to keep it inside the back or tie it off on the bottom or top of the pack? Just wondering! Thanks again for such an amazing blog.

  2. There are no tie or latch points on a bear cannister, and its really slippery, thats why I remade the pack for my external frame so I can slip it right in and latch my sleeping pad on the outside.

    You could get a large stuff sack with loops etc and tie it on the outside, but for me, I slip it inside, after first removing the days lunch and sticking it in a belt loop pounch.

    Imagine taking a lunch break and having to haul out all your gear, then the cannister find lunch, and put it all back in!