Monday, September 10, 2012

Surviving a Seasonal Job

Right about now we have people wondering if they are going to survive their jobs, make it until the end of their work agreements. Some think the housing or food is so bad, but I say, they've just got bored with what they're doing. This view from Elephant Back is way more amazing than my camera can tell. Bottom line, I need to figure out how to work the zoom on this digital contraption.

Sitting in my own room, working on line, I'm really feeling good about the season. I've got three weeks left at Lake Yellowstone. Outside my window, bison are grunting. Its rut season. I think I can survive this.
I went on a hike with the Chef. Just so happens he is a Buddhist. I asked him to explain his philosophy. It was quite interesting, the cycle of birth, rebirth, pain, the end of pain. I haven't reached full enlightenment yet, and do believe, like him, in reincarnation.
Surviving is a mental thing. Hanging around positive thinkers, survivors, is a huge part of it.

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