Thursday, September 20, 2012

Specimen Ridge in Yellowstone National Park

Short clip from my hike on Specimin Ridge yesterday. I will give a trail report on my other blog,

There were alot of intersecting trails and eventually I got on the actual posted trail, and I do mean posted. These posts help one navigate all through this gorgeous mountain hike when the trail diverts into game trails or gets snowed over. Sometimes the posts laid on the ground, sometimes there was just a small rock duck. Navigation is a necessary survival skill, especially when there is no water up on the dry ridge.

I can only imagine a badger digging this hole. There were tons of them, very deep, close to each other. The smoke from wild fires grew stronger, and I thought about what I would do should one sweep my way. Could I crawl into this hole, wait as it passed by me? With only sage brush and a few grasses, the fire would sweep quickly, not getting too hot.

On the way to my trail, I captured this sunrise near the Hayden Valley. I had to pull over, take some shots before continuing up to Tower, past Rosevelt and parking at the trailhead.

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