Saturday, May 26, 2012

Survival Themes vs. Grid Collapse

I find many people lump these two ideas together, the survivalist being one who anticipates and end of the world as we know it.

I am a female survivalist who loves just getting out in the wilderness to challenge myself, much like you see on the Dual Survival Series, or Survivor Man with Less Stroud. These dudes are real, nothing faux about it.
The Man Woman Wild series is interesting too. I love how real she is, puking her guts out after her husband encouraged her to drink his pee in the desert. I love my guy. I'd never drink his pee.

Getting out on natural adventures, living out of a minimalist backpack for weeks, a person knows they'd be able to fend for themselves should the Grid actually collapse for any length of time.

The fear from mainstream Americans against the survivalists in the grid collapse camp, I feel, is due to the stock piles of firearms and underground bunkers. These things would be necessary in mass chaos when defending against roving criminals.

One of my favorite saying is : don't be big and small, be hard to find.

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  1. I found an interesting magazine called The New Pioneer, the complete guide to self-reliant living. It has a good range of topics from camp stoves, farming, tripod grill, and organic ranching. A lot of good information including low cost DIY housing and projects. You might want to consider submitting an article or two for consideration.

  2. Thanks Flo, for telling us about The New Pioneer. I'm going to check on that!