Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pioneer Living Online Link

Check out http://www.pioneerliving.net/top10survivalmyths.htm for a taste of the online magazine:  http://www.pioneerliving.net/

It has a list of ten survival tips usually thought to be myths, yet in reality are true. Using an ice lens to create a fire, whether to chose high or low ground for shelter building, or wearing shoes when crossing a stream are all part of the list.

http://www.survivalcampingstore.com/How-To-Signal-For-Help_b_12.html was an internal link found in this article, talking about the various, albiet obvious ways to signal for help. They did go into more detail in discussing the various options, like making a triangular fire formation, signaling with a flash light 3 times, then waiting 10 seconds and signaling again. Of course, Dual Survivalists have taught us that both color and motion are important for getting attention.

There are a lot of links on this site to good reading, both for the survivalists in nature and the survivalist post grid down.

I always figure if you can make it in the wilderness, you can make it in a natural catastrophe, if the human population doesn't kill you first.


  1. The snake-bite one.... I've had a gut feeling all along that cut-and-suck makes sense. Maybe they've had to downplay it in case some idiots might cut an artery or something.

  2. Yeah, definitly, Ellie. I've read of people dying from dehydration laying next to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. They were afraid of getting giardia, so wouldnt drink the water.