Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cougar Sighted Near Boise River

A young female cougar was sighted near the Boise River. She was seen feeding on a deer carcas. I went down to a local junction to check out the river. A sign was posted, yet it allowed entrance if you just followed a few rules. No problem.

I imediately understood how a big cat would love the area. I love it.

Sad to say, this cat eventually made its way, following the river, into town where it presented grave worries to the population. It didn't seem afraid of people.

Sad to say, the cougar is now dead. I am sad. Too bad it couldn't have been relocated. These things happen, I guess.

This tree has a ladder installed and rope for swinging into the river. Its good that who ever owns this private property has decided to allow folks to enjoy it during the day light hours. No camping, of course. No problem.

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