Sunday, April 8, 2012

Landscaping Minimalism- Nevada Style

Out here in the desert climes, its either water, water and more water, or go the Rock way. My sister's home sits on a corner lot, quite lovely and spacious. She's tired of pulling the hose around couple times a week just to make the thing stay green. We embarked on the minimalist-no maintenance approach.

Using material she already owned, with an eye toward beauty, theme and frugality, we began rearranging everything. She has two lovely trees. They shed leaves every fall. What if she could let some of those leaves lay as a ground cover? Now, local flora is utilized when possible, stuff she can dig up from a friend's mountain property and transplant in her yard. We used well worn logs, gathered at some previous date for firewood, not yet cut into sections. These logs provide borders, set the theme for natural, organic movement through out the yard.

The black tarp was used instead of storing it for some unforeseen purpose. I always ask, if you already have the item, why go out and buy one just like it, storing the first one indefinitely. Minimize! Hell yeah.

In the future, my sister will only have a few trees to water, a few plants, surrounded by beautiful natural stone and rock.

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