Monday, April 9, 2012

Biggest Little Town in the World

Last night we got the grand tour of a three plex casino in downtown Reno. Driving under the arch, past the dome, and through the fantastically lit streets of midnight Reno, I asked how they felt it compared to Vegas. Someone once told me they considered Reno the Redneck version of Vegas.
My companions begged to differ, saying Vegas was more redneck. I've been in both, and I'd say it feels more family atmosphere here. Haven't gambled in either. Just walking around, seeing some kids, and not the desperation like Vegas had.
We parked with a gold pass, having a possessor of such as our tour guide. He is a DJ for special events and knew his way around.

The Three Casinos, The Eldorado, Silvery Legacy and Circus World were simply, extravagantly gorgeous. No two ways about it. Stained glass ceilings, multi leveled play areas, complete with slot machines and tables, dining areas, various bars, and a circus atmosphere were one of the guys paid for us to hammer away in a contest: who can get 40 balls into a slot, thereby winning a stuffed animal. Its all about the stuffed animals, or stuffed bananas. Strange massive yellow furry bananas. They would make a great pillow.

The elevator and dome ceiling must be seen for its impact, a massive green artful rendition of coal mining excavation. A huge green wheel caught my eye as it rotated, a backdrop of realistic blue clouds painted in the dome, mechanical themes, a sculpture really, an elevator we road in, looking out on this fantastic gallery.

But, really we came for the band, the live music promised down at the Brew Brothers. First stopping by a digital sound system blasting away so loud insanity was the eventual outcome, we claimed a table, bought two dollar draft beers and found a table in the back. Soon we left, those gyrating to that were kids willing to loose their hearing. We sought fewer decibels and carried our two dollar draft beers right out with us.

A green line painted on the floor lets you know when you are moving from one casino into another.

Down at the Brew Brothers a jam session was going on. We found our table, dropped our leather jackets and hit the dance floor. The woman really knew how to sing, husky voice in a slow dirty dancing sort of way  brought out the worst in us.  It was Fun.

Between the table and the floor, our party spent a quick hour. Eventually a bouncer came around and told us it was closing time. I asked if that meant like 5 minutes, we were just finishing our beers. He said you can take it with you. It meant now. So we did.

Dancing the second night in a row will take its toll. I'm deeming today Be Good to Your Body Day, April 9th.

Join  me.

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