Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dancing and Stuff

Apparently Reno and Area is a 24-7 kind of place. I've been going out with my sister and friends, and we can stay out all night, into the morning, then work and do it all over again.

Pretty fun, but how does it not catch up to a person?

I love dancing and there's plenty of opportunity for that. One great joint is called the Nugget.  A band at one place, then across the casino is a disco kind of party going on. Of course, meanwhile people are gambling, walking around, cruising for fun.


Now, I am looking forward to getting back in the wilderness. I don't shop. The most I do is look for a rug and some bananas, then I'm outta there. But, let me see a trail wandering somewhere, up a hill, across a park, I'm on it. I need wilderness. Cars make a gal a tad nervous.

So, surviving in this area is a challenge for those inclined to trees and winding paths. I hike down by a creek bordered by two roads, all traffic speeding by on the way to or from work, scattered litter and many ducks help break up any boredom.

I can't wait to get back to the National Park seasonal work.


  1. Wilderness, yes, I yearn for it. I think too many people brushing too close together get on each other's nerves. Nothing like a secluded path and creek to soothe them.

  2. So true, Ellie. It surprises me that people find the wilderness frightening, yet how dangerous are these big jam packed cities?