Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hand Me Down Bonanza

I moved in with my "little" sister and we're so much alike its almost scary. We love to dance, meet new people, have fun, walk two wonderfully obnoxious female dogs. One is a huge 90 pound black lab, the other a bird dog, both still in puppy stage.

So, 4 females in one big house, loving the casino tours. I go in, look around, see everyone playing games, hoping to make that big killing. Me? I watch her play the nickel keno (I think that's what she called it). We should have cashed out when we were 75 cents ahead. Instead we lost 3.25 cents.

Seriously, then she's downsizing her wardrobe, and I am benefiting because she has great taste and I am fine with Hand Me Downs!

Staying a minimalist, though, now that's the key, cause I'll still be working in National Parks, seasonally, and traveling, doing all the fun stuff. Minimalists know the less you have the less trouble you find.

Three cubic feet of flesh, give or take, is what Thoreau recommended for personal cultivation. Speaking of which, we're putting in a garden. Stay tuned for Tomatoes R Us!


  1. Where in Nevada??? If you are close to Vegas you should email me! I would love to do lunch!

  2. Fluff. Well if you come just a smidge closer we need to do lunch! :)

  3. Fluff?? LOL, well, how close is a smidge? I'm getting antsy for my yellowstone seasonal job to kick in. Need to be in the wilderness, town is killing me! ;)