Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Beginnings in Nevada

At some point we all gotta move on, start over, rethink goals. I think that's a huge part of surviving. While visiting family in Chicago, the kids all got to decorate a cupcakes, using candy of their choice, frosting, loading up as they wished. No one was allowed to criticize anyone's creation.

So then we ate them all, enjoying the works of art, good and fattening.

I made it safely 2400 miles in 3.5 days, paying upwards of $4 a gallon, getting seriously good mileage on the '96 geo. All my personal possessions fit in, and I could still see out the window. That says something, I guess for the minimalist life style.

My sister and I went out dancing, met cool people, stayed up til 2:30. Pacific Time. Four time zones is nothing to sneeze at.


  1. You moved permanently?

    I had a 97 (?) Geo. It was the three banger. When I moved to Florida, at one point I got 50 miles a gallon.

  2. Well, Matt, as permanent as a wanderer can be, ;)

    My bucket list includes working at the South Rim Grand Canyon some winter, Alaska, Washington's Stehikan Landing.

    Once I approached a red light at an intersection in North Carolina. Off to my right a little white car idled, waiting. We looked each other over, both old Geo Metros, banged up, dirty, owners proud.
    We gave each other the thumbs up sign, and took off when the light turned green.

    I wonder, is there an Official Lovin' My Geo Association? LMGO!

    I totally believe the 50 mpg. I got that once going to the airport in Charleston.