Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sons of Guns Reality Show

I love this show, I love the way the guys interact, the explosions, the crazy requests for superior weaponry. Only in America. Red Jacket is the shop where this all takes place. 
is the official web site, check it out. There is video, quizes, tons of links for fun things like Pimp MY Gun fun.

I have no idea how other countries get by denying citizens the right to bear arms and protect their homes and families. Sure there are plenty of excuses, but Americans expect the right to bear arms. Our country was built on an able bodied militia fighting British tyranny. Some of the things I've watched being blown up are cars, meth lab, a full sized RV, and little airplanes.

I love the fact the average vetted citizen can carry personal protection. One thing is certain, we will never be a gun free society. It might as well be the good people holding the majority of firepower.

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