Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season and All that Crap

I'm not scrooge, but the black Friday, Internet Monday, green Monday, buyer's remorse and all that crap is getting old.

Then, on top of it our congress people can't get their act together and want a two month extension on whatever economics ail this economy.

All I want for Christmas is an honest politician. Well, I'd take a shitload of gold, but get real, neither is gonna happen.

So, with the holidays around the corner, and that means nearly over, Thank God! we'll get back to what passes for normal in this  country. Wild market swings, celebrity scandal, election coverage, Lordy have mercy.

Naw, I'm good here, just cabin fever, and its only mid December. Where does the time go when your having fun in the back 40?

Happy New Year.

Didn't the Mayans warn us about 2012?


  1. My issue is that Christmas music starts in October now...

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  3. Rewrite:
    A lady whispered to me at the dollar store she wanted to cut the inflated plastic snowman. I offered to help.

    The four foot musical santa has disappeared from walmart, thank god. I think it musta scared the kids!