Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Swearing As Pain Relief

According to Men's Health, October 11th,  if I don't swear more than 10 times a day, when I really need it, let er fly.

That's right, British researchers have found that swearing can enhance pain tolerance. People who said nasty words could withstand icy water twice as long as those who didn't and just held their tongues. I figure they tested both men and women. The article didn't say.

As an aside, they said, "If you regularly swear more than 10 times per day, the pain relieving power of your cursing may be reduced."

The final conclusion: for  maximum pain relief, blurt out the word you find most offensive.

I got a feeling this was widely known for many of you out there. However! Now that we've been alerted to the actual facts, I'm cleaning up my verbage for a rainy day.
This is good news! If the SHTF and we run out of aspirin, there could be an endless supply of  affordable pain reliever for the survivalist.


  1. The worst - when it hurts too much to swear because you can't breathe at that moment, either.

  2. Hey... I don't want to hear any D#$% cussing!

  3. :D I thought it was a good Study!

    humm, does cyber swearing count?

  4. Funny thing, Myth Busters did a show on this as well and came to the same conclusion.

  5. Wow, I love it! Now, gotta remember to hold off unless I really need it ;0