Thursday, December 22, 2011

Iron John and the Wild Woman Never Say Die

I finished Iron John, by Robert Bly.

At first I felt somewhat pissed on. Women got a bad rap, especially moms. Like we emasculate our boys or something.

But I continued reading and keeping my cool, calm non judgemental self (!) in tow. I realized its more an indictment of modern society and liberalism. The pacifist mentality of avoiding conflict, giving in to demands for civility when none is called for works against women as well.

The author takes us on a step by step analysis of the fable and all its secret meanings. In the end, the wild woman, the Princess marries the guy who became a full man by killing the enemies.

The alternate religions and mythology may leave bible believing church goers unhappy with this book, so I can't say I recommend it.

Now working on the Canadian book, Never Say Die.

I talked about Chapter 1, the Psychological Aspects, a couple days ago. Never giving up, feeling you have some control, at whatever level.

Chapter 2 is about general Canadian geography. All regions have food, no deserts

In Chapter 3 I learned about parachutes and falling properly.  The main thing about falling properly, keep your feet together! I guess that should be self explanatory, I just never thought much about the dire consequences of not following this rule. Of course all of us have jumped off garage roofs in our youth know to bend the knees slightly and roll when landing. Parachutes are a science. The rate of decent is astounding. A body can fall 65,000 feet in 4 minutes, with a parachute it can take 32 minutes. Pulling the rip cord should not be done til about 10,000 feet or you could die freezing or without oxygen.

The feet together thing is my takeaway here. I don't plan on parachuting any time soon. As a survivalist, all knowledge is good knowledge. Ya never know.

Chapter 4 is about first aid. That should be good.

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