Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Diversity not Dependency

I'm writing a lot of survival stuff in novel format. Learning this way is fun. We have a ton of how to books on survival, from military to woodscraft.

Sorta dry, but necessary reading.

As I encorporate these skills into my work, I'm struck by the need for diversity. So many apocalypse scripts build upon the grid collapsing, or going down. Without electic power, internet and communications, life would degrade rapidly.

Some themes begin with mega viruses getting loose. It seems theres already plenty on the planet to kill many of us at once. If that happens to a co dependent world system, we all suffer when things can not continue. The British series, Survivors, takes that premise in their 12 episodes.

I was researching cholera and found out that left untreated it can wipe out 50-60 percent of those contaminated. Contamination comes via water, shell food, poor sanitation where people are exposed to bodily waste from others infected. Research uncovered the fact that people can die within hours of showing symptoms during pandemics. Simple bleach and boiling kills the bacteria. Eating and drinking clean food is important for recovery.

My take away in all this is how important diversity is. If one thing fails, have a back up plan not dependent on the government. World wide is not the best. Local self sustaining eco systems would insure survivalabity.

In other words, in all apocalpse scenarios, the people bail themselves out of trouble, not the government.

Diversity of power sources, food and water, diversity in knowledge. That's what I'm stiving for.

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