Saturday, December 10, 2011

Town Day Treasures-Pot

Yesterday morning I did a flying trip to town. Not by plane, or broom, by Geo! Yes, a flying trip whereby no time is wasted thrifting around, just get in and get er done. Ok, I found these camo pants. Youth, size 14/16. I took the time to try them on. Women, have you ever thought something would fit, for sure, only to be embarrassed, what the Hell happened?

Well, yesterday was good. These pants fit perfect, the color and camo is awsome. Bad, very bad. That means good now days.

I found this 6.5 quart pot amoungst some junk in a back room of the Habitat for Humanity. Only one buck they said. I did not tell Them how perfect it was.
Its actually very heavy. The lid and handles show it can withstand a great camp fire. I love the way a person can remove the lid without reaching for a knob thing. Get a long handle and slide it into the slot on top the lid.

Next, I love the handles aren't plastic, or flameable. Ever get the perfect pot but the handles melt off. Yeah, what I'm talking about!

I've been watching alot of Breaking Bad lately. Listening to the dialogue, especially Jesse, has me thinking more about my latest installment in my series. Dialogue is important. It has to sound real.

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