Friday, October 14, 2011

First Steps In Dismantling the Impossible?

For those of us who are self employed, but not broke (yet) this new health care thing is a looming threat to freedom.
In just a few years, we will be forced to buy a product regardless of our personal beliefs. I've heard people say that you have to buy insurance to drive a car. Not so. You have to have a valid licence, and use a car that is insured. You could drive someone else's car, or rent one.

Unless we're stone broke, and qualify for medicare, or lucky enough to have a good job which provides health coverage, some how we'll need to come up with whatever premiums are required.
And if we all have coverage, where will all the health care professionals come from to handle the preventative care visits.

I saw this and wondered if the general public will be able to say, Sorry, it just isn't sustainable, long term, so we'll just over look that part of the bill.

I don't hear the insurance companies complaining about the new law. Instead, we're being told its no longer necessary for men to get prostate exams, women to get mamograms as often, and vitamins are not necessary. I think alot of this is so they won't have to cover the cost once we are forced to buy the insurance.

Medical costs are rising faster than anything except gold. It doesn't need to be that way. I checked into a full CAT scan down in Mexico. It was only 1/4 the cost here, including the reading.

Keeping our health care affordable should be a priority, not requiring us to prop up insurance companies.

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