Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Two and Stuff

I'm finishing up the last proofing of my second book in the End of Days series (trilogy).

Is it me, or does every novelist discover themselves in the story?  Maybe because the main character in Journey North is a woman and she is dealing with the Post Grid Down situation on her own, I'm feeling the personal need for more gun practice.

A survivalist would need to be strong, decisive, and not give into emotions. That can be challenging!

But, back in the real world, we are already inundated with Republican candidates for the presidency bid next year. Each candidate takes his / her turn leading in the poles, whereby the media has enough time to trash them out, uncovering plenty of stuff to raise eyebrows. Little things, stupid things, but enough that someone else emerges as front runner. Sort of like a pack of bikers in a road race, each taking their turn  to lead so others can draft and regain their strength.

Anyways, my mountain garden is nearly done for the year. A few volunteer onions and the over achieving tomato plants are making their last stand. So far no frost, lots of good drenching rain.

Gas prices have dropped to $3.16. This seems like a bargain. But wait, thats just the mind game these oil potentates have played with us for years. Reduce consumption, that's my moto.

Things are good at the homestead, hope all is well at your's.


  1. Sounds like all goes well there. Your gas is much cheaper than ours.

  2. If I drive into S. Carolina, its usually 10 cents a gallon cheaper...go figure!