Saturday, October 15, 2011

Too Big to Fail

With the Occupy Wall Street Movement going global today, it will be interesting to see just what our politicians will do about it. Already democrats and republicans alike are making statements to the effect, "they understand the frustration".

Could the movement be too large to ignore, too big to be allowed to fail.

Does that ring a bell? Yeah, me too. Those banks which manipulated the markets, lied to investors, created paper wealth, loaned without normal protocol, and nearly destroyed the US economic stability, bailed out in the end. The Feds continue to manipulate interest rates, maintaining insanely low returns on savings, while encouraging long term loans at teaser rates. Let the market right itself, that's how capitalism works.

Not that all banks are bailed. The small hometown banks which made stupid loans without sufficient collateral are being taken over by larger banks. They had way too much debt compared to assets.  Hey, if you can't run the ship, get a better captain so we all don't sink. I got my stuff in that boat!

Ok, so if
 this Protest Movement truly gets a foothold, and the message becomes clear,  we can hope, yes that nebulous state of optimism, for real reform.

I just haven't sat down long enough, or dreamt large enough, to come up with real solutions myself.


  1. Just so everyone understands, in regards to New York where this OWS crap started, the Obama government planned this whole thing.

    This week the Corporation that own the parks where these people are currently living like "swine in heat" received a $168 million dollar stimulus check. This means that this protest was planned, bought, and paid for a long time back. The payoff check was delivered was this week.

    These things don't happen over night, these bail outs take some time to arrange, which means ..... premeditation.

    Throw in Gorge Soros, SEIU, Richard Trumka and other minor corrupt manipulators and what you have is a SETUP. It's Corrupt to the bone.

    It's a plan to completely destroy the (admittedly faulty) banking system along with the fed, collapse the system, and start this one world government currency.

    Think outside the box. Think Large, And as "Tinfoil Hat-ish" as it sounds think NEW WORLD Order run by the Elite.

  2. Wow, Matt, that does offer a differnent take on it. I hadn't thought of Obama wanting this, seems like a world wide embarrassment.

    What do you think of todays world wide protests? I'm glad you posted because the mainstream media covers up the real news.

  3. Brawny, I wrote a revised, more expanded version of my comment here and used it for a post on my blog. Check it out

    I think this whole thing is a powder keg, with today's festivities in Rome being the appetizer.

  4. Thanks, Matt, I did read it, food for thought. One thing becomes apparent, if the President helped get this Occupy Walstreet off the ground, and viable, when Congress voted his new jobs plan down, he has the people to apparently back him up, and congress is to blame.

    Sort of I'm on your side political move.
    what do you think?

  5. I think the timing of it all is very suspect and will probably be used to stir things up even more.

    I wrote more on today's blog about the jobs thing.