Friday, September 9, 2011

Wrecked-A Movie Review

Netflix is a great way to get some seriously good entertainment while maintaining solvency. I mean, with cable and satelite prices going through the roof, its a wonder Dish or Direct TV can stay in business. If you're not one to go out on the town or rent seat space at a huge ball stadium, then its not so awfully bad. Its all about perspective.

Today I watched the 2011 release of Wrecked, an hour and a half production which opens with a mangled guy regaining conciousness after the vehicle he's in has crashed into a very deep ravine.

In the back seat is a dead fellow, out in the woods is another body. We watch as the man takes inventory of his injuries and the contents of the destroyed car. Its almost slow motion and we start to wonder if there will be any speaking parts in this movie.

It rains, he is trapped, gets wet, fights with the car interior to free himself. This is very realistic. Gradually he begins to remember stuff, has hallucinations and without spoiling the plot, gets out of the car to traverse the wilderness. A dog, mountain lion, woman, river and gun are all utilized as the story unfolds.

The ending is of course a twist, and much better than I feared it would be. We end up liking our guy, and he does make it out alive.
I don't want to divulge much more, but its worth watching.

The one main take away, or moral of the story, is don't judge a book by its cover. No matter how many times we hear that old old old proverb, its very hard to remember in times like these.

Sometimes a person Has to judge a book by its cover. Waiting to see whats inside may be too late.


  1. I have heard of that but never seen it. We can't do Netflix up here because the internet connection won't support it. Direct TV, which is what we have, is mostly junky channels designed to sell you stuff. I supposedly get 200 channels but only about 20 of them are "real" and I only watch six of those ordinarily. When I see "Wrecked" for $10.00 or less at Walmart I'll buy it. That's how I get to see most movies people recommend.

  2. I think you can get Netflix delievered in the mail for slightly more per month, not a bad deal. I think they send DVDs and the return mailer. Not sure, though. Humm, hope you all get modernized up in them woods some day ;) JK, naw, seriously.