Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shelf Life For Survival Pantry Foodstuff

Today I bought a 10 pound bag of white rice at Walmart for $5.78. According to this website
white rice will keep for 8-10 years whereas brown will only keep 6. This is presuming 70 degrees and properly packaged and sealed.

There's a large chart there, and I was happy to find oatmeal will last 30 years. That's my staple food for breakfast. A person can munch on it raw too. Just be sure to drink enough water or the fiber will actually draw water from your intestines and you'll be very sad and constipated.

Anyways, checking on the chart, and purchasing regular dried goods like flour, salt, rice and beans, oatmeal and such, a long term survival pantry isn't hard to imagine.

I have white food quality buckets. Each one is being filled with basic assorted dried foods and should last one person a month. With canned goods, and wilderness skills of hunting and gathering, this should be a good plan.

One three pound container of oats says its 30 -1/2 cup servings. That with coffee, maybe some canned fruit would be breakfast.

Hot homemade bread, and "Survival Soup" would make good lunches. Bread requires flour and salt. Leavening can be obtained from natural yeast or baking soda. Survival soup is supper leftovers in a broth, with garden and wild harvest, sort of Native American Style. Please, no bugs slime or sludge. Like Dave on Dual Survival, not into that crap.

Suppers would be rice and beans, pasta and corn, or potatoes and beans. Potatoes are dehydrated , like instant mashed. I added some spices and for sure some salt to that.

Really not too hard. I figure how much I could eat, or how many servings a container claims it has and go from there.

Bought my stove pipes today. I'm getting all set up, braced for the winds we get in these parts and will post photos soon.


  1. How long something will store has always driven me crazy. I still have food from 1999 and I eat it, it seems good, and there are no ill effects when I do. But then, people tell me "yes, you can eat it but it has no nutritional value" and I don't know if that's true or not.

  2. I read your blog on that, Arsenius, and was glad to see it. I think canned goods do loose more nutrients due to the high heat, I don't see how rice could, but what do I know. Its good to know a person can get basic foods stocked up for SHTF without spending a ton on the prefab foods. Many of us would not be able to afford stocking up for the duration if we had to buy the fancy stuff.