Sunday, September 11, 2011

If Perception is Reality Then Tell It Like It Is

I watch Your Money on CNN every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. Today they started the program, then changed to the 9/11 Coverage of the President Landing and shaking hands.

Its almost like the terrorists gave us a Holy Day. Americans feel solidarity, a oneness we forget on other days. A very sad time for all.

But, on the money front, a recent poll showed that 82% of Americans believe we are still in the same recession. You will hear very few "experts" say this. They claim we are in danger of a second recession, the first one having ended in 2009.

But, if our economy is based on consumer's spending, up to 70% they claim, and consumers believe we are still in the same recession, wouldn't this be the time to trot out the old adage: Perception is Reality?

Now, I don't always agree with that adage. Things can look totally true and obvious, and be 100% wrong. I'm reminded of the time I shot a pile of mulch around a tree, Sure it was a brown rabbit. I need my glasses.

One of the guests on the show noted that we have 1 Million less jobs now than before that last similes of 800 million was spent. Not the desired outcome. Funny how they expect small businesses to hire when the current employees aren't even busy. No customers!

The approval rating for congress stands at 14%. This is bad news for you all, congress people take note. All this fighting and B Essing when our country needs intelligence is not doing you any favors.

Lets see, they claim that durable goods ( the big stuff like refrigerators and appliances) sold very well a few months ago. Well, dugh. If my refrigerator breaks, doncha think I'm going to replace it? Eventually durable goods do need replacing, we can put it off only so long.

That sounded like a rant getting started. But, I'm going to say kudoos to Ken Rodoff, Professor at Harvard University for saying what we all believe, its the same recession.


  1. There was an article I read recently that said 18% of Americans live below the poverty line. If you live below that , you are SERIOUSLY in the hurt locker. 22% of American kids are in that boat, and the number of homeless is skyrocketing.

  2. So true, Arsenius, I've learned though, its not what you earn, its what you spend. Writing my blog and my books keeps me home and out of trouble. Course, I never was a big shopper, and never spend money to attend events like Fart in the Park.

    The problem comes with medical needs. No one can really afford health care on their own. Its a racket.