Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Survivors- a BBC Series

My guy and I love a good series, like Breaking Bad, Dexter, Six Feet Under, Gold Rush Alaska.

Netflix allows you to surf around reading descriptions and put them in your "instant queue" which means if you're like us, you have way more waiting to see than you will ever be able to see in your lifetime.

Today I took a break from my marathon of writing to watch Survivors, a 12 episode series about a super bug virus getting loose in England, killing off 90% of the population and being exported to USA and China.
The scenario is frighteningly possible. They take pains to show us how easily we contaminate each other in our daily interactions. A believable false reassurance is broadcast to the population and the grid finally goes down as the workers die off.

It made me want to stock up on more food, just so we wouldnt have to go to town and catch something.
The genre you find this series in is called TV Sci-Fi Fantacy. We've been hearing about super bugs so long I don't think this should be called fantacy any longer. More like, Self-Quarantine Promotion.

There are a few survivors, one who has recovered from a near death infection, several who just were immune. We see them leave the metropolis, knowing no good can come of urban competion for the few goods that remain.
A school teacher trys to convince one of the necesity of relearning the basic skills.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this series produced in 2008. Sometimes the british accents are hard to understand (I thought the lady was asking her husband for a pizza, she was asking for her son, Peter!) and they use a few words we Americans don't. But, its worth taking a look at if you get a chance.

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