Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Need To Buy A Kindle Book Machine Thingy

A good friend mentioned he wants to read kindle books available at but the $200 he needs to drop on a kindle book reader is a lot of money. Hell yes. I agree.

I downloaded the free software and can read any kindle book I want. Its easy, fast, reliable.

I love having the application on this laptop. As a minimalist, one digital machine is enough for me to deal with, keep updated, dry, clean, safely stored, yeah, like that.

I have my music, movies, WiFi, word programs, online banking, and more all on this one ultra portable computer. Then, I went whole hog and bought a two year subscription to Norton anti virus because I like things to last and minimize my required attention to mundane things. I do use DVD writeable disks to back up all my photos, documents and music, just in case this one major piece of equipment bites the dust.

The link is at the right hand at the top of this blog for the free download:
The Kindle application which makes this possible is free and found at
Download for PC There are no shipping or handling fees, and it doesn't matter which country you live in. Within minutes you can be reading e-books.


  1. I have a kindle and love it, but I started out reading kindle books on my Ipod. That's quite handy when you only want one thing.

  2. I downloaded kindle on my laptop and saved $200.00.

  3. That's Great! Opens up a whole new world, lots of free books. My daughter "borrows" books from her library, when the due date arrives, they are gone, no more late fees, or driving to town just to go to the library.

  4. Thats a handy function, Paula, I didn't know a person could do that. Pretty tiny though if a person needs reading glasses?

  5. I am agonizing over whether or not to buy a Kindle thing. Stephen got one and he likes it. I was looking for some books on, and every time I found one that sounded like what I was after it was "Kindle edition only". I need something I can sit in my easy chair by the fire to read, and I sure don't want to hold a laptop although that would be great for some applications. I guess I may just have to buy one for those times when nothing else will do. But I will have to buy one. But I don't know anything about them. Can I use the thing on my home network to get books?

  6. I believe they are Wifi driven, just like our laptops and other web devices. My daughter won one in some readers contest and loves it too.

    E books are the new thing. I love the fact a person in Japan can buy a book, no worries, and be reading it within minutes. None of this shipping and handling global problems.

    I bet the Post Office hates it! ;)