Monday, September 26, 2011

Marching On Wall Street-Protester

We all know that normal people are being hurt by the actions of the Wall St firms. Speculation creates bubbles, bubbles burst and we are the ones who suffer. 1.3 trillion dollars worth of speculative transactions are done each day, that is more than 50 times the amount of commericial transactions. The mainstream media won't touch this because they are owned by Wall St firms. This is an effort to raise awareness, to direct people, and give people a voice. On October 6 there will be another March on Washington. I honestly believe that if we do not affect some form of positive change that we are headed for a violent outbreak in this country.--T.W.

I'm a member of an online community which is all about seasonal workers, at National Parks, Resorts, Beaches, Private Ranches, etc. A member posted a blog stating that during the off time, perhaps we should become part of this  campout.
I asked specifically :
Hi T,
The news media is sure keeping quiet on this one. What are their goals? I caught a short glimpse of people being arrested yesterday for blocking sidewalks. What is the objective here, just publicity, Wall Street CEOs fired, spread the bonus money around?

He posted the above response. I thought it was well written, politicians take note!
Sorta what I was talking about earlier today!


  1. Strangely enough, before I read your comment this morning I remarked to a fellow who owns a small store up my way that the only method of getting us out of the mess we are in now is to burn down the whole structure and start over from scratch. What we have is too rotten, too bloated and top heavy, and too corrupt to be fixed.

  2. Holy cow, perhaps the tipping point is not so far away.