Friday, September 30, 2011

Local Doctor Watching Too Much Breaking Bad

One of the local doctors, fifty years old, has been busted.
Here's the link:
My man and I are on season two, episode 4 of Breaking Bad. Its disturbing. The influence these harsh drugs and gobs of money can turn normal people into nut cases.
When it starts happening with respected medical practitioners and in the nearby cities, it really hits home.
Can we say bad economy where even a doctor may have a hard time making ends meet?
Its all conjecture on my part. We'll see what happens as this story unfolds. In America, one is still supposedly innocent until proven guilty.
Interesting stuff. I'm watching some more of Breaking Bad tonight!


  1. More specifically, it's the medicare reimbursement system. The doctors have to run patients through a cattle shoot in order to merely break even.

  2. Charles Pennington???? Sounds like a frat boy to me that just thought he'd get away with it.

  3. I guess it not just the kids watching bad programs.

  4. It certainly will be interesting to see this unfold. He does, doesn't he, Paula. Not some forgein name.

    LOL, yeah, I'm in my second childhood, Duke!

    Matt, I just don't have any ideas about this medical mess except the health care thing is BROKEN. I called an nearby radiolgoist to see what it cost to Read, just read, a basic CT scan, $500 bucks. A simple scan. How long would that take ? Yeah, I told them forgeddaboutit.

    Those without good insurance are on their own.

  5. That's my favorite show. I worked for a guy who was exactly like Tucco.

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