Monday, September 26, 2011

Liberals Acknowlege Disaster

I watched In the Money yesterday, a news program on CNN, and Bill Maher. I know! Both liberal leaning stations.

But the same thread was evident in both broadcasts. We're in the midst of a new reality, a "generational reset" of expectations that began and still continues, sence 2008. Michael Moore was part of Bill's panel. I like him if for no other reason the guy will say what he thinks, passionately.

At the end of Maher's show, most of the people present agreed a turning point, a peaceful revolution was building. People have had enough, yet the momentum has not reached the tipping point.

Knowing CEOs get paid ungodly bonuses while 14 million are unemployed and 17 million are underemployed (like Dad working for McDonald's, part time, that kind of thing) and the government paid 16 bucks for one lousy muffin and 8 bucks for a single dam cup of coffee....that's a $24 dollar breakfast .

Sort of makes the common person pissed.

All kinds of theories fly about how and when the people will reclaim their power. It sure won't be with any of the GOP candidates we currently see debating.

Just my two cents, anyways.

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  1. I told some people I know that this kind of social inequity inevitably leads to violent readjustment but they just chortled. Not history buffs.