Monday, October 3, 2011

I, Caveman, Back to The Stone-New Series Review

Its obvious some folks will do anything to be on T-V. I could have slapped Manu, a female bounty hunter who whined and complained how cold she was. Her feet got wet and she refused to sit by the fire.
I know mountains cool off at night, but there was not a sign of fall weather, it looks like mid July. Please.

She could have removed the wet foot gear, and propped her feet by the fire. A guy would probably have massaged them if she hadn't been such a bitch. I could have slapped her several times.
See I don't get it. Didn't they screen these 10 people to eliminate the cry babies? I guess that keeps it interesting.

The Discovery Channel new series involves 9 men and women with a dude named Morgan Spinlock who take on 10 days of survival in a lush verdant valley, mountains in the distance, elk roaming in herds, stream filled with trout and frogs. They trade all clothing for skins and hides replicated to be exactly as stone age people would have had. They must work together, fashioning a shelter, creating fire via spindle and block, and get food and water.
After a while, some guys get tired of feeding some laying around women, and they whined and complained about a tribal vote to move 3 miles. Picking and choosing among the bountiful stack of hides and weapons they've created, they carry all on their backs.
See, I don't get it. Have they never heard of travois, where these hides are tied between two lodge poles, laden with goods and drug those three easy miles. They weren't crossing through any forests that I could see.
So, I'm sorry, but between all the commercials for beer, cars and what more (I use the time to surf channels) and all the complaining, its hard to watch. I love learning new things. Watching them fish in the cold stream, using hands to slip around the trout bodies and fling onto the banks was nice. Creating the sling spear and launching practice was cool.

Can the directors give us more substance and less emotional crisis? We who watch such shows know about short tempers and illogical decisions due to physical stress. It shouldn't comprise 90% of the content. The question posed by the creator of the series: does modern man have what it takes to survive with as cavemen did. Number one, cavemen were raised with the knowledge, not snatched off New York streets, from lunch at Applebees.

Thats enough rant for one day, And here's my vote for better substantive programing.

Lets have more like Dual Survival, I love those guys.


  1. Yeah, due to the things you mentioned that I feared would be on the show, I choose to watch reruns of "Golden Girls" LoL

  2. PBS did a series a few years ago that placed people back in different time periods. "Frontier House" (I think that was the title) was the most primitive, and I only watched a couple episodes because I got tired of the whining. Yes, the chicken has to die in order for you to eat it. Yes, you have to carry water. Yes it's a hard life. So don't volunteer for it. Or shut up.

  3. Yes, Exactly, ProudHillbilly.

    Matt, I admit some curiosity in all things primitive, and gave it the benifit of the doubt. Then, the brainstorm of a femalesurvivalist review caused me to forebear.

  4. I was looking forward to that show, and I started recording it. But half an hour into the first show, I turned off the recording selection. What a bunch of idiots.

    Now, I saw a British show on BBC where these people lived in stone age village for a whole year, and that was both realistic and had an air of real interest in it. They were honestly trying to experience that life, not prance around and see who could get the most face time on camera.

    1. While I know this is an older post, I would very much like to know the name of this shot if you remember it.

  5. That does sound interesting, Arsenius, a year is substancial, allowing for the natural learning curve for any invironment.

    Hope Discovery Channel gets the message. Screen for whiners!