Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stove Installed, an Update from the Homestead Studio

The stove is totally installed and tested now. The 90 degree angle pipe and the damper work great. I admit I was a little skeptical, so tested it before cold weather set in, just in case I had to go straight up through the ceiling, cutting into the insulation and roof. All is well.

The shelving is made with cinder blocks which have been sealed with a glaze and brown tint. I didn't like the gray blocks with the terracotta, and black. Way too many colors going on.

The acrylic glaze was $2 for a gallon at the Habitat for Humanity Thrift store. The brown tint was acrylic paint I already had on hand. Mix 4 parts glaze to one part brown paint. Stir well, glaze away.

I love having the shelving behind the stove. Not only will it absorb heat, protect the panelling, but decorate and organize all the nice things a person uses with a wood stove. A large coffee pot is coming soon.

The outside is not as pretty. My rain cap was a little close to the pipe. I raised it with more spark arrestor material, and used heat tempered tape to seal the interfaces, then painted it with black stove paint.
The support for the pipe is a copper wire, securely attached to the roof, circling the cemented pipe and anchoring it horizontally as well.

I had some difficulty installing all of this outside work because the ground slopes and the ladder was scaring me. I did get it level enough to finish the job.

Not too bad. Cold front coming in the end of this week. I have firewood ready to go.


  1. I don't think how it looks matters a lot. How it works does. My own home is quite comfortable and functional, but it is not fancy. It looks like waht it is, log buildings in the forest. Your place looks nice and I'm sure you'll be nice and toasty when you are there this winter.

  2. Thanks, Arsenius. I probably err on the side of safety, and the top of the chimney attests to my zeal. We are surrounded by deep thick woods, lots of down wood ( I will take advantage of that this winter). Would hate a spark to get loose on me.

  3. Arsenius, is correct, functionality is more important, but I think it looks good too.