Monday, August 29, 2011

Wood Stove Platform and Progress

I oiled my stove, that's the reason it's so beautifully black.
The legs have been "cemented" on with that great caulking stuff I used to glue the front panel on. The stuff hardens like rock and can withstand temps up to 1,000 degrees. The legs were the weak spot. Everything in life has a weakness.

The blocks are each 12 inches square and the platform is 2 x 3 feet. Once the cement cures, I'll move the stove forward so its two feet from that back wall. The pipe will go through the window at a 90 degree angle, then 90 degrees up past the roof. I checked the draw, it should be perfect.

Each of these blocks was $1.58 at walmart. I could have bought grey, but this color seemed more rustic.
This studio was a 12 x 16 steel beam and pressure treated floor. I insulated it with 13 R factor and paneled it. The building was delivered in 2005 and until now had not had any real source of heat. Now it will be toasty warm, with a pot of coffee ready on the back burner. I'll be installing pipes next week, I hope.


  1. What are you doing to prevent damage or warping to the paneling behind the stove?

  2. I'm going to pull the stove 2 feet away, thats why the bricks are 3 feet into the floor space. Then, I'm buying one of those insulated sheets specifically made for that purpose, but so far they are not in stock around here cause its too early in the season, so says Home Depote.