Sunday, August 28, 2011

Livin' For the Apocalypse

I just finished watching the premier hour long show called Livin' for the Apocalypse.

Four family groups were show cased, three of which lived in the southwest, and one in St. Louis, Missouri. All of the main preparers were at least middle age, except the young couple living in Mesa, AZ. They were my favorites by far.

The people stocked a lot of food, and three have turned this "vision" into a business with websites and sales helping to support their efforts.

I love the young couple with two kids, age 2 and 5 because they have turned their home into a sustainable renewable lifestyle. Even if the apocalypse doesn't happen next year as they feel it will, they will be off the grid.
I especially loved the in-ground empty swimming pool which was turned into a green house. They grow food in it all year long, plus have a pool to grow tilapia (fresh water fish) and chickens. They have goats as well, and rain gutters collect enough water to fill cistern. All of this work is positive energy towards a sustainable lifestyle, regardless.

One family has 7 children and a bunker below the business they bought. Watching them go into that bunker I felt claustrophobic. The narrowness of the cement bomb shelter was stifling. I wonder how long people could be sequestered like that without murder.

Speaking of which, the last preppers interviewed, two women roommates, said they were always taught if you shoot it, you eat it. And if people came to take what they had they would shoot, and may be cannibals if things got that bad.

This was an interesting reality show. I hope there's more of them. My man and I were both amazed at some of the stockpiling of vast amounts of food.

Comments welcome. Did you see it and what did you think?


  1. That last couple.... bless 'em both, I really wish they'd declined if they were going to make crack-pot statements about being cannibals.

    The young couple were on Doomsday preppers this summer. Last nights story gave them a much better interview.

    In general, last nights show kinda made the whole movement look silly.

  2. I agree with you Matt, looked like the younger people were smiling at Mom and Pops silly preparing, especially the first mom with all the kids. I did like the young couple. They could be off the grid and self sufficient, and teaching folks is always a good way to get good karma.

    Good thing we know who we are and why. Let the media reasure the peeps that we're nuts.