Monday, August 29, 2011

A Measured Response, End of Days Novel Available

A Measured Response is the first book in the Trilogy End of Days.

I finally have it it finished and uploaded to the E-Book department, otherwise known as Kindle for PC.

This book took an incredible emotional toll on me. I had no idea how involved I would become with the whole survival/ apocalyptic scenario. It sort of wrote itself, unfolding daily. I walk and bring a notebook with me in the mornings on my wilderness hikes. The story would unfold in this atmosphere, and the trail miles would slip by while my mind worked it out.

I did a lot of research for this book because the weaponry and battle scenes needed to be accurate. The skills our people use are fairly detailed. The second book is now in progress.

Writing my first novel has been unlike any experience I've ever had.


  1. Congratulations!! It is amazing how the work feels as it flows from us! I am very proud of you!

  2. Thanks, Lila. Its almost becoming a secondary life, this triology. As the second book unfolds, its hard to think of much else.

    I didn't know writing a novel, creating from ground up, could become an obscession!

  3. I'll have to read it. I like novels where the author takes the trouble to immerse themselves in the subject matter.

  4. Ditto what Arsenius said. Good for you.

  5. Congrats Lady!!! We're proud of you! :-)

  6. Thank you, everyone. I appreciate the positive karma from my peers and online friends :D