Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CreateSpace Option Out

I was reading over the pricing and print options over at CreateSpace, an affiliate of
This company will print books, on demand, which allows an author to do e-books, yet make them available in hard copy to those who don't Do E-Books.

Turns out, and this does make sense, considering the high cost of paper, ink, labor, etc, the author make a few cents and the rest of the funds go to that company. Not a lot of incentive for the author unless you want to do a souvenir copy to put on the shelf.

For instance, many people write a book, and want it on the shelf. It may be a family tree thing, a memoir of a trip, a journal of sorts.

By using you can accomplish this without contacting a separate printer or publisher. Do the work of setting it up in Word format, add the photos, edit it properly and upload the files to their site. They even have a calculator to show you how much they receive per copy and how much the royalty will be given a set price.

Many people aspire to write a book, and I encourage them to go for it. Using the new online apps, it doesn't even require much financial investment. It requires a lot of time and commitment, however.

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  1. My grandmother published her memoirs, some years ago, and paid a company to print it. She spent a fortune, and it isn't a very good book though I suppose it is a good thing for our family over all. Now my mom is doing the same thing.