Saturday, August 6, 2011

Information Gathering Process for Survival

The location has been chosen for the new wood stove, that window by the door.
I'd like to install it without  cutting through the roof, going through the ceiling insulation, and then the ceiling.

This metal building has four windows, so I'm going to sacrifice one screen, which would be half  a window opening, and angle the pipe right through that, hopefully a 45 degree angle.

The links here have been very useful in thinking about how it will draw and what my expectations can be heat wise. I expect the stove to actually be overkill. With a 13 r factor insulation, and temps in Georgia seldom below zero, a 12 x 16 building should be a piece of cake.

There seem to be several to choose from, and that's what's sorta holding me up.

What gage steel do I get, and the corresponding weight factor, will it make a huge difference? I tend towards light because then I can move it myself.

I read where horse packers, canoe travelers, r v people all use these packable stoves. Not your classic pot bellied cast iron beauty, but a functional heat and cook source, the lightest one is 22 gage, the heaviest one is 12. There's one in between.

If anyone has experience with these square sheepherder stoves, please comment.

The round ones looked interesting, but space being a huge factor, I am choosing a rectangular stove for efficiency. Posters told how they created a "false bottom" with a metal sheeting insert, sort of an upside down cookie sheet. Sounds workable.

So, just throwing this out there to all you survivalists.


  1. I can't help much with this one, since I didn't install my own stoves, the builders did. I'll see what I can find out.

  2. Thanks, Arsenius, I'm planning a trip to Home Depot and Ace Hardware. Armed with a sketch and list of supplies, I think they'll have ideas too. One main concern is draw and safety inside.
    I've used wood burning stoves to heat a two story home in Illinois for years when my kids were growing up. We built the chimney up through the middle of the house and it worked great.
    Problem with this small cabin is the size of the stove will be way overkill if I go cast iron, I'm thinking.
    Hoping for some survivalists to add imput. Thanks for helping get the question out there :)

  3. I asked around and a couple of people responded but they didn't really have the information you were after. Maybe the Home Depot people can help but in my neck of the woods, they are nice people but not very knowledgeable about anything I have asked them. I'll keep looking.