Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Car Is A Solar Oven

Today I took out my thermometer and took the temps on the water I have laying in the back window. Yesterday I uploaded some photos of my new solar shower and had the bright idea to check out the platypus.
And, hey, how about a soda bottle filled with water, while I'm at it.

I found the platypus had a temp of 148 degrees, at 2 p.m.
The soda bottle water temped at 142.
The solar shower bag is actually on the seat of the car. I gave it an extra hour to heat because it wasn't receiving direct sunlight.

Now, I temped it and it reads 118, which is plenty hot for a shower. If I wanted to lay it up in the back window I am certain it would achieve the same temperature as the bottles.

So, who knew my car was actually hot enough to cook in the back window? I bet I could fry eggs on the trunk lid. It feels every bit as hot.

The interior of the car is actually gray. If I places a black cloth beneath these bottles, I'm almost afraid they'd burst with boiling water. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. Have you ever seen the History Channel special "After the Apocalypse?" In that, people make a food dehydrator out of an abandoned van. Vehicles make great solar ovens, seems like.

  2. Wow, hadn't thought of using it to dehydrate food, Arsenius! If I get some extra apples (there's a u pick not too far away) I may just try that! I do believe it would work.:D

  3. Oh my gosh! Let me have your car, my oven broke a few days ago LOL! In all seriousness, it's amazing that you're able to drive that car in that condition.

    Nicole Vickers

  4. Nicole! I love it! actually the car is great, but I should try to find a shady spot to park it.

    I usually head to town early in the morning once a week, before it has a time to cook me :)

  5. I might not even last a minute inside your car. I wonder how many bags of popcorn you can make in your car make with a few minutes. Kidding aside, it's good to see that you love that car of yours.

    --Ellsworth Mciltrot