Friday, July 15, 2011

Writing A Novel Makes Ya Think

I've started writing a novel and although I claim its pure fiction its got me thinking seriously about survival.

My novel will be available at Kindle books hopefully by the end of this year. Each day I write two pages, using Microsoft's Word Starter Office 2010 that came preloaded onto this computer, a Toshiba.

 I love the specs on this machine because with 4 G Ram it never slows down. I'm currently using Norton Virus Protection. When I saw they offered a two year subscription at a discount, you know me, I bought that. I buy my car insurance on a yearly basis too, and get a nice discount for paying all at once. Like they say, it takes money to make money. For me, sort of if you got some money, you can save some money.

Anyways, back to the Book.
Each day I write two pages. It deals with the End of the World as we know it. I've seen that written as
TEOTWAWKI and you can even pronounce that word. Here's how I pronounce it:
Tee Oh Twa Key.

Every day I sit down and delve into the lives of our heroes as they deal with what would happen if and probably when the SHTF (stuff hits the fan, sanitized version for politeness).

And I start with an idea , and think, no, that's not how it would go Down. People would probably react like This.
I get my best ideas while hiking each morning.

Today, a bear crossed the path right in front of me. He dropped down off the hill, onto the gravel road, turned and looked at me. At first I thought it was a huge black dog, and was prepared to be scared.
Seeing it was a bear, I relaxed, knowing it would run.

These bears are hunted in the fall. The only ones that survive to this size are those that know to run.


  1. You go girl!! Novel writing is a beautiful thing! It can be a long stressful process but very amazing. I am doing edits on both my completed books before I go the route of submitting to agents again and it is a long process. Bravo to you!

  2. I'm waiting to read both of you. I saw a Kindle at Walmart but I don't think it would work out here, unless you can connect to Kindle via the internet.

  3. I know my nook can connect to my computer to download books to it that way if I don't have a wi-fi connection available. I would imagine that kindle is the same way.