Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Kindle Download for Computers

One route for the budding novelist is to self publish to Kindle, a format by Its really just a method of receiving books in digital format right to your own computer.

I don't own a kindle. My laptop works just like one. I bought two books a friend of mine wrote and asked me to review. First, I went to and downloaded the free Kindle for pcs application.
It worked really well.

I uploaded the two books I wrote, and have sold some already. You fill out the forms on personal information, and go through the process.

If you are like me, and want to hold the rights and contents of your work without losing to a huge corporation, take a look at this possibility.  We can have a voice even if the big publishing houses don't like it or see our vision.

Writing a novel is harder than I thought. As the story unfolds, I have had to make a time line so the thing all blends in the end.

Don't you hate reading a story with flaws? It makes the reader uncomfortable cause they keep thinking about how it doesn't work.


  1. I will have to see how to do that. If I can't figure it out, I am sure my son can. I still wish your books were paper, that's the kind I like, but I suppose I need to adapt with the times.

  2. Well, I'm struggling with computers right now! My old laptop will let me sign in and post comments but my new one won't. I'm doing most of my work on the fast computer, and commenting on this one, so, you're doing great, Arsenius!
    Kindle, or really it should be called digital books, can be borrowed from the library and when the time is up, they just take them back, no fees.
    there are advantages to digital, I guess, doesnt take up space, don't have to worry about losing them, the new books are cheaper than a paperback would be.
    But, you don't get a signed copy, you do need to be online.
    As an author, I find its easier to insert photos, and shipping overseas is no longer an issue.
    Adapting with these ever changing times! now, theres food for thought!