Thursday, July 14, 2011

Testing Silicone Repair of Water Bottle

I have a friend whose water bag for the camelbak started leaking. It occurred to me that I used silicone on some buckets and it worked. I wrote about it yesterday at my other blog,

Just for fun and further testing, I poked two holes in the soda bottle, which was harder to do that one would think. Those things are tough, one reason I use them on all my backpacking trips.

Anyways, last night I also patched those two holes and let it cure overnight. Today I filled the bottle with water, and its not leaking at all. I'll keep an eye on it, use the bottle and report back how long it holds up.

I keep silicone around home for sealing leaks. You can't paint over the stuff. It works great repairing window casing leaks, seam sealing and gluing the exterior side mirror back onto my Geo.

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