Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Is Too Short to Not Eat Raisins

I finished a box of raisins and thought, I won't buy anymore. Just too many calories.

But, if I was dying, would I regret not eating more raisins? Life is just to short. Eat them.

If I was dying, whether or not I ate tons of raisins, or held off in moderation,  Raisins would be the least of my problems.

I've thought about where I want this body to reside, and being cremated makes sense to me. Don't waste a fancy box (coffin) and a chunk of real estate (grave site) on this bunch of organic material.
Cremate it and throw the ashes to the wind, somewhere beautiful like on top a mountain. Walk in a ways, don't stand in the parking lot overlooking the valley.
Walk in and give my ashes a good chance at finding greenery to rest on.

My spirit will be looking on, and taking flight, I imagine. Hard to think any Superior Being would waste human energy and spirit by only letting us have one go at this. Would make sense to give each spirit a chance to try other forms, like animal bodies, tree bodies, maybe even fish bodies.

Just saying, to me, would make sense.

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