Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Oceans and Grand View in Tetons

This thigh bone looks fresh and very delicious to a carnivore. I talked to the wild things that be while hiking though there. I do have bear spray.

The trail had patches of snow which became thicker and less traveled the nearer I got to Two Oceans. North bound around the Lake had no signs of travel, while the south side showed a few prints, which also turned back. I can access Two Ocean Lake Trail via another route another day. Hopefully this other route may have thawed along the shore.

I chose other trails  to continue my 12 mile day, knowing the thickening clouds could bring snow and rain. The more I hike these trails, the shorter they seem, until after work a five mile hike is easy.

Flowers bloom, sage brush and willows line the trail. The pine smells are wonderful.
Horse smell is a potent as well. Learning the specific smells helps me navigate and assess how close to the lodge I am.
On my lunch break I sat beneath a spruce tree. The two men on horse back never even noticed me. Wearing stealth colors allows me to blend into the scenery.

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  1. You have a nice flair for photography. I think that's one reason I read your blog, I like the pictures.