Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photos From Emma Matilda HIke

It snowed last night and this morning. Nevertheless, its my day off, so I prepared a goodly daypack and headed out. Its over 11 miles of trail, and I have my bear spray.

Every once in awhile there will be a 3 x 5 metal marker nailed to a tree. I love the patina they've developed over the years.
The sage is fragrant and abundant. I tasted some. Very strong. The snow looks very pretty hanging on the branches.

This large moose was feeding at Christain Pond. He wasn't too upset I took his photo.

A road block can happen with the sighting of any animal. This one just happened to be for a moose calf. Poor thing looked terrified. I walked past on the way to my dorm, eager for a hot shower after slugging through miles of snow on the south side of the lake.
A wonderful day hike which gave opportunity to navigate when the trail became buried in snow, and no other hikers were out until I neared the Overlook. Some vacationers wanted to be sure they were on the right trail, and told me about all the elk they'd seen.
Elk are abundant this year, too.

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  1. Have you heard this joke? A bunch of tourists were getting ready to go out in the mountains, and the Park Ranger told them to be sure they had their little bells and bear spray. One tourist asked what the bells were for, and the Ranger said "that's so the bears can hear you coming and won't be startled."

    So they set off. Soon they came to a huge pile of manure. The Ranger said "well, this is bear scat!" A tourist asked "how do you know it's bear poop?" The Ranger responded " it has little bells in it, and it smells like bear spray."