Thursday, June 9, 2011

How A Story Changes

While hiking off a gravel road, near Pioneer Creek, a friend and I came across these bones. At first, we were sure the resident grizzlies had done the work.

Two streams run down the steep forested slopes, giving bears good cover while waiting for the unsuspecting prey.

So many bones, scattered over a large area seemed awfully weird, though, and somehow, even after hiking up the hill and recreating a possible hunt and kill scenario, it was just too many bones.

Then, we walked beside a large evergreen tree. Leaning against it were five lodge pole pines, tied at the top. One only needs to bring in a canvas and the tepee would be complete.

These bones, with part of a horn sawed off, now tell a different story, one perhaps of poaching.

The moral of this exercise is that with a few new details, the complete picture changes.
I've learned to hold back opinions until all the facts, if possible, can be known.

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