Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Replying to the Comments

For some reason I can't seem to post a reply to my own blog. Hey, Google, please let me comment.

Thanks Arsenius for the link, the comments, and the moral support about me leaving the crazy dorm life of my seasonal job at the Grand Tetons.

Thanks Bala for enjoying the post on alternative cooking.

I've resorted to posting a thank you here, and once home in Georgia, I promise to get serious help on why I can't reply on my own page.

Humm, weird.

So, looking forward to some Real panning for gold in my secret place. Looking forward to cooking various forms of focaccia for my friends. I posted the recipe at my other blog today.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.


  1. If you go panning up near Dahlonega, be careful. Some of those people are crazy about "their" stretch of the river.

  2. i am waiting for some new recipes in your blog.
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  3. Ok, Cinderella, I sort of forget about the recipes even though I love to cook. Thanks