Sunday, June 12, 2011

Know The Signs

When I'm hiking a trail, especially alone in Griz country, I stay alert and examine the signs of bear traffic.

This log has clear signs of a bear ripping a hole into one end of it, looking for grubs. Sense it appeared fresh, and a griz and her cubs had been sighted nearby, I simply took some photos and turned around to hike another place. No need for confrontation where I would most likely lose.

I decided that three room mates, and the housing manager or security's habit of knocking and entering our dorm room with the master key whether we answered the door or not was not working for me.
In spite of loving my job, the living situation was not sustainable, so I left the Grand Tetons, went to Yellowstone to visit friends, then visit family and will head home soon.

To all things there is a season, and a time and purpose under heaven.--Ecc.

In the end you find, no one wins, and the race is only with yourself. So take the path of your own choosing, and be not dismayed if no one leads or follows.--a favorite quote of mine.


  1. I'm sorry about how it worked out. But I spent a lot of time on Navy transports in the 1970's and 1980's, and I can understand how you felt. Sounds like they treated you more like serfs than employees.

  2. Thanks Arsenius. It did begin to feel that way when we were making all the sacrifices.

    I'm enjoying my freedom. Can't wait to get back to Georgia and get started on some new plans.
    Loving your blog.